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"Vegetable tanning is an ethical and sustainable technique that gives leather a unique and authentic appearance."

What is vegetable-tanned leather ?

Tanning is the technical process that transforms animal skins into supple and durable leather. An essential step in the design of leather shoes, tannins make the skins rot-proof and water-resistant, and also give them flexibility or rigidity depending on the desired result.

For vegetable tanned leather shoes, the skins are immersed in large vats filled with organic and vegetable tannins. Natural, deep and nuanced colors that give the leather an authentic and unique appearance. Over the years, shoes made from vegetable tanned leather are embellished with a unique and natural patina.

KLEMAN Vegetable-tanned leather PADROR L VGTKLEMAN Vegetable-tanned leather PADROR L VGT

Is vegetable tanned leather better for the environment?

More ecological than traditional tanning, vegetable tanning of leather has many advantages that allow us to minimize our impact on the environment.

First of all, the use of organic tannins such as wood, bark, berries or even leaves makes vegetable tanning a much healthier manufacturing process that respects our health and the planet.

Free of chemicals, vegetable tanning of leather also helps ensure a non-toxic working environment for workers in charge of leather tanning operations. Good working conditions that fall within the framework of our overall eco-responsible approach.

KLEMAN Vegetable-tanned leather shoes

Made in France in our factory, our vegetable tanned leather shoes have been designed from quality European bovine leather. In its eco-responsible approach, KLEMAN has surrounded itself with European tanneries - Portuguese, Spanish or Italian, all audited and certified by the Leather Working Group, to design its range of vegetable tanned leather shoes.

KLEMAN Eco-friendly leather sandalsKLEMAN Eco-friendly leather sandals